Use online payment methods to keep safe from COVID-19

With the Corona virus spreading so fast, most people are locked down in their homes to avoid getting infected. Yet, there are still bills to be paid, money that can come in, and things that should be bought like food and household items. The best way to transact is to use online payment systems as there is no fear of getting infected. 


It is safer to get things delivered 

Most of us during this global calamity are urged by the various governments to stay inside our homes. We might only be allowed to go out to buy medication, groceries, and the like. Still, we have the option to get what we need to be delivered to use. It is best to make an online payment transaction with mobile apps like Paxum for delivery rather than go out to shop at a retail store or go to a drugstore.

Paying bills online

There are some countries that have waived or postponed bills payment during the lockdown or quarantine period. It is a great aid to people to not have to pay bills, especially because some have no income because they are not able to go to work as businesses are shut down to prevent the spread of the dreaded COVID-19. 

When there is a need to make a payment transaction

It is not wise to go out to make payments in person. Nor is it a good idea to go to an ATM to make an electronic payment, as there is no guarantee that the machine or the area is virus-free. For your needs such as buying cell phone load, cable subscription payment, and your Internet provider service, find a way to pay online. You can also choose auto-payment for transactions such as paying for insurance bills and home mortgages. 

Digital payment apps

When you need to go out, and there is that social distancing required, you don’t want to exchange cash. Paper money and coins can carry the COVID-19 virus, and it can stay alive for a number of hours. Even swiping your debit or credit card at a terminal requires you to be near a potential virus carrier, as most card terminals do have a cashier for conducting the transaction. Payment transactions can be done using digital payment apps. 

Use contactless terminals

There are peer-to-peer apps that can be used to pay. There are also e-banking apps that can be easily used to pay at contactless terminals. It is a must to avoid touching anything during this Corona virus pandemic. Many retail stores have contactless terminals, but if you must touch a kiosk, use a long stick like a chopstick or the eraser end of a pencil. 

Keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

We might have never thought that something this dreadful can happen, that a virus can spread so fast and kill so many people. Keep safe, stay at home as much as possible. Use online payment transactions and digital payment apps to avoid touching paper money and coins.